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The Mummy Makers of Egypt

This is the story of a family of embalmers who served the King and his family. The father, Paneb, is teaching his son, Ipy, how to mummify a body. They will be mummifying the body of Yuya, who is the father of the queen, and who is in charge of the king's chariots.


The story of how to make a mummy is told in all its gory detail—which kids adore—including the removal of the brain through the nostril and the removal of the abdominal organs, which are mummified separately. The body was dried in natron, then perfumed oils, bandages, and gold amulets were applied to the mummy. They also needed to guard the mummy from wild jackals that would eat it. Once the mummy was prepared, there was a fabulous funerary procession, and a burial ceremony.


The mummy of our story was an actual, spectacular discovery, the nobleman Yuya, whose tomb was intact and filled with gold.


"Thrill-seekers and serious students of ancient Egyptian culture and values will be equally enthralled."

- Kirkus review


"A charming and well-researched book with vivid, engaging, exquisite original artwork by Tamara Bower that brings ancient Egypt to life. A delight for children, aficionados of ancient Egypt, and scholars. It is definitely on my Christmas present list!"

— Dr. Salima Ikram, professor of Egyptology, American University in Cairo


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The brain was removed through the nostril.

A priest wearing the mask of the jackal god Anubis performs funerary rites, assisted by two women taking the roles of the goddesses Isis and Nephthys.

The god Osiris was the ruler of the Afterlife. He sits on his throne on the right, with his wife Isis and her sister Nephthys behind him. He was colored green to represent growing plants, and life. The god Horus, Osiris's son, leads Yuya, the deceased before Osiris. Osiris has judged that Yuya has lived a good life and is welcomed into the Afterlife.

Those who did not pass the judgment of Osiris suffered a terrible fate!

But our mummy Yuya is welcomed into the Afterlife, where he enjoys his favorite activities, which included hunting for waterfowl.

In addition to writing and illustrating children's books, Tamara Bower works as a techinical illustrator for archaeologists. She has worked on seven excavations in Egypt, as well as on archaeological excavations in Turkey, Spain, Belize, and California.


Below: Tamara is working on an excavation in Abydos, Egypt.

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