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Tamara is available to give presentations of her books, and of her work in archaeology, to schools, libraries, and groups.

How a Mummy is Made


Chlidren and adults are fascinated by mummies. Using pages from my book and other photos I can explain how an ancient Egyptian mummy was made step by step.


I bring samples of some of the non-toxic materials ancient Egyptians used to make a mummy.



Working on an Excavation


Children and adults enjoy learning what it is like to work on an archaeological excavation. I have a slide show about the excavations I have worked on, and can talk in more detail about the kind of technical drawing I do, as well as give a general overview of archaeological excavation work.


Art Project


Children love to draw. Drawing helps them to carefully observe and record what they have learned.


Popular art projects include drawing an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus, step by step. Ancient Egyptian sarcophagi were beautifully decorated with magical symbols.


Another popular art project is to learn to draw your own name in Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Book Signings


I am available for simple book signings.
I can write your name, or the name of your loved one, in hieroglyphs!

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