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Archaeological Illustration

Tamara Bower has been working as a technical illustrator for archaeologists for 24 years. 
She has worked on 7 excavation seasons in Egypt, as well as excavations in Turkey, Spain, Belize and California. She has also worked for museums and individual scholars.

Line drawings of relief sculpture and wall paintings.


Relief sculpture was finely carved and then painted, decorating the walls of tombs and temples. Sometimes vibrant paint is still preserved.


While photographs are made of everything we find on an excavation, line drawings are made of the more important finds. Line drawings can clarify and enhance details that are lost to the camera. Line drawings are often easier to read, and to reproduce.


Watercolor Paintings


Tamara Bower is a skilled watercolorist. She has revived the 19th century tradition of making watercolor facsimile copies of ancient wall paintings and painted relief sculpture.

These paintings reproduce the feeling of the ancient art and more closely match the colors than photography.

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